About H2Oasis

Your One Stop for All Your Water & Ice Needs!

H2Oasis is a local water retailer serving the greater Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding communities since 2002. We are a water and bottling facility with a focus on providing premium purified water, water purification products and bottle supplies for our residential and business customers.

We offer home water delivery as well as office water delivery to customers throughout the Charlotte Piedmont Region. We pride ourselves on our bottled water quality and our commitment to outstanding customer service. You won’t find pure, better tasting water anywhere!

Great Customer Service 

At H2Oasis, we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our bottled water service. Our customer’s concerns are our number one priority, and our promise to our customers is great tasting water – plain and simple.

Products for Bottled Water

Have you been considering adding a water cooler to your home or office? We also offer a wide variety of bottled water products to make getting clean, fresh water incredibly simple. We bottle our water in several different sizes to meet the needs of all of our customers, including single serve, three gallon and five gallon. With our revolutionary new spill-proof water bottles and dispensers, you don’t have to worry about a drop of water being spilled in your home or office! We also offer water coolers, for lease for both home and offices.

Water Delivery 

With our convenient and affordable water delivery in Charlotte, you can be sure you’re getting North Carolina’s best! If you’re tired of carrying around heavy water bottles, you don’t have to any longer! We’ll bring everything you need right to your door. We can get it to you on your schedule. Let H2Oasis take care of all your needs for bottled water!

Visit our Retail Store

Our retail store provides walk-in customers with convenient filling stations for Reverse Osmosis, and Alkaline water products. Customers can bring their own bottles for refill or choose from our selection of poly-carbonate, stainless steel, and glass bottles available for purchase. 

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